Frisco’s Business Directory Instructions

Step One - Create An Account

First, you will need to create an account for yourself on the business directory site. To do so, first go to the site Sign-In location.

Please fill in all the information requested. Once you have completed this step, you will be redirected back to this instruction page and you will also be sent a confirmation email. You do not need to wait for the confirmation email to proceed to the next step.

Step Two - Claim Your Business Listing

For security purposes, you will need to claim your business and prove that you are the owner of the business by providing your Town Of Frisco Business License Number.

You will first need to find your business within the business directory. You can do so by either clicking the category in the left column that your business is listed in or use one of the search bars on the page.

Once you have found your business listing, click into the detailed listing. There, you should see more information about your business and a Google map. Below the map should be the link: “Claim This Listing”. If you do not see this link, you are not currently logged in and must login using the Sign-In link in the upper navigation area. Enter your email address and password you just provided when creating an account.

This is the step where you will enter your Town Of Frisco Business License Number. (If you own more than one business in town, this is only one of your records. Please look at your business license or renewal notice for each number.)

Enter your number in the field next to your businesses name and click the Create button. Once you have done so, we will need to verify and accept your request, which is a manual process and may take up to 24-48 hours. You will receive an email notifying you that the request has been received and a second email once the request has been approved or denied. There is a chance that the confirmation email might get caught by your spam folder, so if you have not heard back from us in 48 hours, please try logging in.

Step Three - Edit Your Information

Once you have received an email approving your claim, you may start editing your businesses information.

To do so, log back into the business directory, using the Sign-In link in the upper navigation area of the business directory and then navigate to your listing.

This time, you will see an “edit” link in place of where the “Claim This Listing” link was. From here, you will be able to make changes to any of the information that is surrounded by a rectangle.

  • If you leave a field blank, it will not show up on the site.
  • Any changes you make to your address or phone number will update your business license information

Once you have completed your changes, click the “Update” button located at the bottom of the page.

Hot Deals and Photos

In addition to editing the basic information, you may also offer Hot Deals and add photos to your listing.

To add Hot Deals:

At the bottom of the same page you have been editing your information, is a field titled “Hot Deal Info.” If you would like to offer a deal or something unique to visitors of the site please enter it here. Please also make sure to update the expiration date. It defaults to one month from today.

When adding a Hot Deal, it will appear on your individual page and on the Hot Deals page which is located in the top navigation.

The Town hopes this drives some additional business your way.

To add Photos:

If you would like to add photos to your listing, while logged in, navigate to your actual business listing page. In the main content area, you will see an “Add Photos” link. From here you will be able to upload JPEG or PNG which will show up on your business listing. Also, if you would like, you may set one of these photos to be a Main Photo which will then show up under your businesses name. This is a great place for your logo or a photo of the front of your business.

Moving Forward

If you have any issues, please send a detailed email to